Lapmaster Wolters - David Bartolini General Manager

“We have been dealing with Oakmount Control Systems Ltd for over 15 years and the reason for such an established relationship is their ability to provide turnkey solutions to any project being worked on. We manufacture and support a wide variety of machines and applications globally which vary in difficulty and complexity but Oakmount have always been able to provide the optimum resolution whether it is controls, design, automation or electrical, which has proven invaluable to us and has reinforced our relationship over the years.

The key aspect which really makes Oakmount stand out for me is their ability to adapt to change in a project specification at short notice, their flexibility in providing support and still maintaining a resolution at the close. They are not phased by change and this is shown in their proficiency to endeavour in customer satisfaction and deliver innovative designs to meet with the varying requirements.

It is difficult to quantify the benefit that Oakmount has provided over the years but it has been instrumental to our business prominence and their continued unwavering support will help carry us forward for the future.”

oakmount lapmaster testimonial

Schneider Electric - Paul Pady Manufacturing Engineering Manager

“Gearing up to bring projects into production is not always required and keeping retained staff leads to high overhead costs which are reduced by using Oakmount. We don’t have a set structure of engineers, so I feel that Oakmount have become an extension to our business and we have formed a partnership which has enabled me to develop the automation equipment in house efficiently and with minimal disruption.

Over the past 7 years it has been a journey to understand what strengths Oakmount has over other similar suppliers and I found these to be continuity, consistency of skills, automation development knowledge, mechanical and electrical support and aftersales care. We have a team at Schneider that addresses any issues that may arise, however we are short on resource and I know if I call on Oakmount, that Phil the MD will offer me immediate cover and assistance in order to minimise production disruption.

I cannot stress the importance of having this sort of support as if a production line was to fail, the financial implications on the business as well as efficiency of manufactured products could be substantial. Oakmount has the ability to react in situations like this and due to the nature of our close relationship I am able to engage and utilise their employees as and when they are required.

When new automation is installed in the factory the support needed to integrate is essential and Phil provides this until the machine is working at its optimum level and to the required specification.”

oakmount schneider electrical testimonial

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