Oakmount Control Systems Limited & Techman Robot

Oakmount Control Systems Limited is proud to be a System Integrator for the Techman range of collaborative robotic systems.

With our advanced automation development capabilities coupled with the TM range, your automation goals can be achieved.  Focusing on simplicity, safety and reliability you can expect a full service from us.

The Techman range has a built-in colour vision system and with simple to use software, visual recognition of parts can be achieved, fast and effectively.



A huge technological breakthrough for TM Robot was the perfect integration of the vision system, with the hardware & software package.  You no longer have to face complicated visual components like before, nor waste the time spent in researching an unfamiliar robotic field. Now, all you need is a TM Robot, which can do everything for you.

The TM Robot vision system has received recognition from many robot vision manufacturers. The functions it provides include totem pairing, object position, image enhancement mode, bar code identification, and colour differentiation.  These diversified functions have all been integrated in the control system of the TM Flow Robot.

In combination with the TM robot manual teaching mode and the built-in intelligent vision system, you can complete a pick & place teaching in 5 minutes. You don’t even need to have an extensive programming background.


In the past, the industrial interface was always complicated and difficult to understand.  The entry threshold is high, often giving a great amount of frustration to learners.  However, from now on you no longer have to face the difficulty of programming.  The TM-Flow has made each tool module graphical and via a tablet, computer or smartphone, you can start to program the robot’s tasks.  This makes getting started painless and you can quickly learn and build a real man-machine collaborative environment.

As long as you move the robot around the task one time, the outstanding robot can learn the desired functions and complete route.  The TM Robot will execute its action in accordance with your route and position.

The TM Robot is an innovative system with an optimised user experience and simplified programming process.  In the fast information changing era, we know that you can quickly learn the latest technology and march with TM Robot towards the age of Industry 4.0.


This robot complies with the safety requirements for the collaboration of humans and robots as specified in ISO 10218.  When the robot collides with an object and has been detected by the sensor, it will immediately stop to protect personal safety.

In designing the TM Robot system, safety was deemed the most important part.  The hardware & software have been tested numerous times in order to ensure that safety for TM Robot is the first priority under any circumstance.

TM Robot has been built with innovative technology, integrating robotic control with safety monitoring.  Accordingly, it has built an efficient and collaborative environment.

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