Oakmount control systems Limited is proud to be a system integrator for the Techman range of collaborative robotic systems.

Without advanced automation development capabilities coupled with the TM range, your automation goals can be achieved Focusing on simplicity, safety and reliability you can expect a full service from us.

The Techman range has a built-in colour vision system and with the simple to use software, visual recognition of parts can be achieved, fast and effectively.


The TM Robot is the perfect integration of a precise and safe robot, vision system and user-friendly software. Programming a pick and place task can be completed in 5 minutes without extensive programming experience.


Vision functions provided for the built-in camera include object position, image enhancement, bar code or text character identification, totem pairing, and colour differentiation.


The TM-Flow software uses graphical modular programming with a keyboard and mouse, tablet or smartphone. This makes getting started painless and you can quickly learn and build a real man-machine collaborative environment. The move, teach and gripper buttons on the end of the arm put the TM Robot ahead of its competitors in ease and speed of programming tasks.


This robot complies with the safety requirements for the collaboration of humans and robots as specified in ISO 10218. When the robot touches an object, it will immediately stop to protect personnel.

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What our clients say

"Oakmount have become an extension to our business and we have formed a partnership which has enabled me to develop the automation equipment in house efficiently and with minimal disruption. I cannot stress the importance of having this sort of support as if a production line was to fail, the financial implications on the business as well as efficiency of manufactured products could be substantial."
Paul Pady Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Schneider Electric
"The key aspect which really makes Oakmount stand out for me is their ability to adapt to change in a project specification at short notice, their flexibility in providing support and still maintaining a resolution at the close. They are not phased by change and this is shown in their proficiency to endeavour in customer satisfaction and deliver innovative designs to meet with the varying requirements."
David Bartolini General Manager, Lapmaster Wolters
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