We have listed below some of the immediate benefits of Palomat;

  • Improved work environment – space saving and a tidy workplace
  • Keeps employees safe and allows them for focus on higher value added tasks
  • Removes the risk of workplace injuries
  • Leaner –  Increased efficiency with less resources
  • Integrates with Global AGV Forklifts and MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots)
  • Eliminates the need to handle pallets manually

Palomat AGV & AMR
The pallet magazines/pallet dispensers PALOMAT® AGV and PALOMAT® AMR are designed for innovative companies who aim to lift internal logistics to an even higher level. With each automated solution you eliminate all manual pallet handling, securing a safe and healthy work environment, whilst streamlining your pallet flow.


Palomat AGV
is the perfect match for driverless forklift trucks, as it forms a natural part of your production, warehouse or a packing facility. This cooperation enables a constant and efficient pallet flow to and from the production line.



Palomat AMR   
PALOMAT® AMR is partnered up with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR); a ground-breaking and thought-out cooperation that re-thinks your infrastructure, by releasing manpower previously spent on manually loading the Autonomous Mobile Robot with pallets.


Palomat stand alone line
The pallet magazines/ pallet dispensers in the PALOMAT Stand Alone line is designed for companies, who have a need for handling empty pallets at floor level. The PALOMAT is an independent unit, which adds efficiency to your pallet handling and at the same time protects your employees from inappropriate manual heavy lifting.



Palomat Pallet Stackers are available in a range of different colours including stainless steel for food and pharmaceutical application or you can choose from a number of colours to match your existing production equipment.