Make it Net Zero

We have signed up to the ‘Make it Net Zero’ program with SWMAS which is partnered with the UN’s Race to Zero program.


We work with Carbon Specialists to:

  • Complete a detailed review and diagnostic of our business’s current position
  • Provide the relevant help and support that enables us capture our company’s carbon footprint
  • Facilitate a bespoke ‘Action Plan’ to tackle the specific priority areas identified for our business
  • Work with the Carbon Specialists to tackle the additional actions identified to help you reach our net zero goals
oakmount energy audit

Circular Economy

Countries and businesses are moving from a linear take, make, waste economy to a circular economy where waste is reused or recycled. We look to support businesses who are embracing new ways of manufacturing products with reuse, repair and recycle in mind.

oakmount circular economy

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What our clients say

"Oakmount have become an extension to our business and we have formed a partnership which has enabled me to develop the automation equipment in house efficiently and with minimal disruption. I cannot stress the importance of having this sort of support as if a production line was to fail, the financial implications on the business as well as efficiency of manufactured products could be substantial."
Paul Pady Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Schneider Electric
"The key aspect which really makes Oakmount stand out for me is their ability to adapt to change in a project specification at short notice, their flexibility in providing support and still maintaining a resolution at the close. They are not phased by change and this is shown in their proficiency to endeavour in customer satisfaction and deliver innovative designs to meet with the varying requirements."
David Bartolini General Manager, Lapmaster Wolters
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