Value Chain Digitalisation

As a Siemens Solution Partner, we work with Siemens Digital Enterprise and our automation partner network to develop your products and processes simultaneously. Siemens has a vast range of software to help solve your particular challenge with world leading business, cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), edge computing, digital Twin & Virtual Commissioning.

oakmount value chain digitalisation

Digital Twin & Virtual Commissioning Software

Creating a digital twin and correcting mistakes in the virtual world is 10 times cheaper than trying to correct once a machine is built. Mistakes which are carried through to build are often never corrected due to cost, complexity and production demand.


Technomatix Plant Simulation

  • Validation prior to conveying or AGV system construction
  • Validate material flow, energy & control logic
  • Optimize PLC parameters, control strategy and HMI
  • Verify conveying unit and head unit level
  • Perform system diagnostic testing
  • Perform “what-if” scenarios (Failure Modes or Maintenance Modes)
  • Operator training

Technomatix Process Simulate

  • Design production cell layout and validate mechanical sequences
  • Create robot trajectories, check collisions and reachability
  • Develop and validate complete robot programs using robot controllers
  • Verify PLC code together with robot programs and HMI
  • Test Safety Interlocks
  • Perform System Diagnostic testing
  • Validate prior to cell construction

Siemens NX MCD (Mechatronics Concept Designer)

  • Design production cell layout and validate mechanical sequences
  • Offers a broad selection of data exchange tools and formats for CAD and CADCAM
  • Simulate mechanics and control systems with SIMIT and PLCSIM Advanced
  • Mechanical designers can use concept models in NX for detailed design
  • Electrical designers can use model data to select sensors and actuators
  • Automation designers can use cams and operation sequence information from the model for software development
oakmount Siemens NX MCD

Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • View products and machines in VR directly out of NX
  • Collaborate Globally
  • Review designs
  • Training

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